“We’re on the brink of an adventure children don’t spoil it with too many questions.” – Mary Poppins Returns

The Return of Mixed Signals, F**boys, and Feelings of Failure

There is no way you didn’t know you were playing games with me or any of those other girls. I understand that you didn’t do it intentionally, and for that, I give you space.
I repeatedly made it clear it was okay that you didn’t feel the same way about me. And I never ever asked or expected you to feel the same way. However, lashing out at me for how I handle my anxiety by continuing to talk my emotions till they’re all out of me, is inexcusable. Especially since you are leaning on your anxiety as an excuse to use people and avoid dealing with it. It’s self-centered and narcissistic, and blatantly cruel. .

The Pandemic Loneliness Is Killing Me

This pandemic loneliness is killing me. Between people looking down on me, heartbreak, and living alone. The walls are closing in.

Dating in Quarantine: A Ghost Story

I. Was. Crushed. One day everything was great the next it was gone. This wasn’t like hooking up with a guy once or twice and them ghosting because they just weren’t interested. I had been seeing him for two months, and had every indication there were mutual feelings involved.


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